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Author Tox1k
Tags author:tox1k autogen knowmads n-art prototype unrated
Created 2012-10-15
Last Modified 2012-10-15
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Description On request of someone from the forums I made an image to map converter, thoughtfully dubbed 'bmp2nmap'.

16000 objects, doing full rez had too many objects (300000+).

bmp2nmap forum page. []

<3 you knowmads

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and I need to rewrite it eventually


maybe not. It´s very hard work.

I think

that program is cool but this is too advanced for me. I´ll try to program my own with "Game maker 8 pro".

you can change it

in the source, it's defined as object_type then just recompile. I didn't want to go through the trouble of people asking me what the object IDs were though. If memory serves me correct, 1 is block, 3 is gold, 6 guass, 9 rocket, 12 mine.

Object structures (haven't bothered looking into them):
Simple object: Type^x,y (gold, turret, player, bounceblock, mine)
Drone object: Type^x,y,mode,bool,bool,path
Launchpad: Type^x,y,mode,mode
Door: Type^x,y,key_x,key_y
Directional: Type^x,y,direction (One-way, floorguard, thwumps)
Unlocked door: Type^x,y,bool,bool,int,int,bool,int,bool
Or were you experimenting ...

You need to use Command line args [].

type your bitmap name as *.bmp and what you want the text file as *.txt, not literally in.bmp && out.txt.

I added a download for one that doesn't require mscvr100.dll, it's the compatible one on the page.

Also, only 796x600 bitmaps are supported, black and while only. White is blank, black will place a mine there.
Because mine seem to either not generate enough objects, or none at all ...


I can´t download C++ 2010 runtime. Can you show a video or somethig?
I did everything you said and this pops up. maybe because of the fact I converted the image from .jpg to .bmp
I added another download.
my firefox just says "connection was reset" (or something like that, I used translator because I don't know what's the name of this error in english so yeah)
Also run it through the command line. Start cmd in the directory it is in, then type "bmp2nmap out.txt in.bmp".

Yeah Ors ...

I print screened so I could read it (mine does the same)
Some kind of function is not working imo.
When it opens, he can't found the following dll > MSVCR100.dll < and doesn't run.


this is awesome!
bmp2txt by <im>plicit
Usage: bmp2nmap.exe out.txt in.bmp
out.txt - output file
in.bmp - input source

I tried to put an in.bmp and an out.txt file in the same folder as the .exe, with no results. I would like to use this for boredom purposes please!

WOW! 5/5


epic stuff. You deserve a cookie for such converter. Faved