61-2: Cuntcrusher

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap zoassuperstructuressuperstructuressuperstructures
Created 2012-12-17
Last Modified 2012-12-17
by 19 people.
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Description Enjoy!

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Traductor Google chupa duro!!!

Let's try not to make NUMA into a page of hateful youtube comments. The only reason I still map is because this is the only online game where I don't get criticized by a bunch of seven year old assholes.

I didn't ever claim

to be better than anyone.

The problem, Zoas, is that people only learn when you give them the kind of feedback that actually helps. You - and others on this site - hand out 5 votes like candy, and it becomes meaningless. If there is no bar set, no goal to work toward, no actual care behind the critiques, then no one is going to benefit.

And, while I'm aware how pretentious this could read it's important: you do more harm to the artistic process if you praise work as perfect when it's not.

Do new mappers deserve attention? No, they don't. Not by default. Attention should be given to those who have produced something above the average, something of note. And while there is a certain level of subjectivity here, there is a very clear line that some fall below in terms of overall implementation. Experience denotes a level of objectivity here, and there are clear levels of success that measure this (and I'm not talking about myself).

You constantly attempt to champion the little guy at the expense of us more known mappers, like we're somehow trying to keep you guys down, like there's some conspiracy to keep us at the top. Let me tell you a secret...

We all started here as no-bodies, and those of us who have made name for ourselves did that over years of hard work and quality output. I didn't ask to be a success (as silly as that sounds when we're talking about a video game) on this site, I earnt it.

When I started, my maps were critiqued HARD. I was given all kinds of feedback from all kinds of mappers and I learned from it. Much the same as many. The point is, again, that until you stop handing out perfect scores like they mean nothing, you're not actually helping anyone become more than they are. You're just going to create an economy of back patting and candy-voting, and no one real art is going to get made.

Take that however you want, feel free to get angry and insult me again, I honestly don't mind. I've earned my reputation as a mapper, I'm secure with that. :)

thanks ; D

your demos are erm well awesome and fun to watch ;d

drikam has disabled ratings too.. :C

cba to write them an email atm, kinda busy ;d

if you really are interested in checking my maps, I just edited my profile in both unicorn and drikam accounts, picking up the 7 bests, 6 of which are Nreality, 6 of which you have not seen, probably. ;d


ohh :D

you shouldn't worry, dude. I'll start tomorrow!


Yeah but there is the problem, I do not know when the amount of enemies is easy or hard..


zoasBE is known for doing maps like these lol while being a cool guy.


This map is bad, ugly to look at and annoying to play. I have no idea why it's been getting such a rapturous response. And that's from someone who's actually pretty damn good at this game, if I do say so myself. I gave it a 2.
Pero me preocupo por ti. Creo que algo ha pasado. Has cambiado.

And by "alienando" I mean you're alienating people. You're responding to critiques on your maps with rude comments about how people need to be better at playing N, rather than thanking them for their feedback. You're making it difficult for us to talk to you in a civilized manner.


don't worry zoas

it's just a little thing... just be a bit more accepting to criticism and all will be well. :D
And I apologize. zoas it's really sad lately and possibly that's why it behaves so. zoas now feels terrible and apologizes. No more zoas for a while for sure. Bye and thanks!

creo que quiere decir que estás siendo muy grosero con la gente que critica su mapa.
What you want to mean with 'alienando'?

de verdad Rose, no sé lo que significa 'alienando'?
los criticas y rechazas escuchar a sus opiniones. Por eso sí, estás alienando a mi y otras personas. Es triste.
you're being a jerk towards those who actually give you want you want, which is criticism. You have done it to me a few maps ago, you've done it to Traveleravi on this map and Rose has possibly taken the biggest hit from you. Just stop it and take it with appreciation rather than bristled remarks.


Qué significa 'alienando' amigo Rose? Ah! Y gracias por lo de 'gilipollas'.. Lo tomo como un cumplido. :)

lol Jere!!

I like your humor.. :D
There is someone that time ago called to me a bot.. :P ;)

yeah, sure

I'll be waiting :)

Well fine then.

If you don't want me to play your maps, I won't play your maps.

Gilipollas. No sé que tu problema es recentemente, pero estás alienando a la gente.


Your maps always look like a computer program
It so different from other maps
Many geniuses, many smartass, much narcissism, the elite, and a very airtight core of people, that think they know everything about N. Many atobs lately.. lol.


Just appreciate the fact he took take to play your map rather than criticize him based off his run. Also, he could of played it multiple times without you knowing to come up with that criticism.


Could've done without the bottom rocket imo. The area down there got too hectic for me. I do like the layout and most of the rest of the gameplay. 3
Demo Data

pretty fun stuff

4 :D


two maps hogging the two top spots!! D:

how much longer do i have to wait XD XD


And here it's done!! Nice mini fbf challenge, Unicorn! I like it, it's not stupid!! ;)
Demo Data

And here I'm able to touch slightly the bounce...
Demo Data

So clooooose too, Unicorn..! :P
Demo Data

You're welcome =D

yeah lolololp

Thanks for your words Eddy, them are a lot to me.. ;)

lol check this:

And there you have 2000 rates! :D
Im liking the style of this new column, plenty of possibilities, just like this map. And yes, that jump is possible zoas, I just did that on my AGD (hadnt seen your demo though). Actually, each map has a different strong point, like, you have a couple maps where you can beat the drones by several loops, I like those kind. Also, weird jumps and squeezes like on the rpevious map and some others, are also interesting :D Oneways make them personal style ;)

Awesome Run Eddy!

Just as I've said in my AGD post yesterday, 500 frames could be saved... Awesome. ;) thanks.


why do I find my demo funny. it's so stupid.

Unicorn FBF style.