Still sleepers

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Tags action author:ndeavour inspired minejumper rated slow-paced
Created 2012-12-26
Last Modified 2012-12-26
by 8 people.
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Description I have decided to go through my map collection re-editting some of my poorer maps for gameplay and playability. I hope you enjoy.

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slow agd

Pretty good. I enjoyed it, the only thing was the drones could be a little rough for going quickly...unless I get lucky.
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Would you do me a favor and check out a few of my maps?

Welcome home.


i love this...reminds me of atob for some reason

cool idea

i might give that a go when i have spare time (re-editting).
don't have time to play the map just now but looks good


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in which I fall through the aforementioned oneway multiple times.
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decent speed too.
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lol did you make it on purpose so that this oneway fall-through thing is easy to do?
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Or at least that we weren't forgotten. I'm pretty inactive here these days.
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dogs or cats or something I have played this map before years ago and I never noticed that about the tiles cool map

I'm not too sure actually, I might have been talking to an admin and they did it just for fun.


still don't know why you were numa administrator for thirty seconds
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and suddenly every "rotten" profile comes back again too

great looking map.

first try AGD
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I started browsing around NUMA a couple days ago for kicks and I noticed it's been a couple months since you've submitted anything. What a coincidence!
I just started mapping again a few days ago. It's great to see a map from you. Also, I must say, this map is very enjoyable indeed.

And a framed run for kicks.
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Faster speed in real time.
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Speedrun on N-Reality.
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wb from whatever

eh just wb

First post!!!111

This is really cool. The tiles are kickin' and the gameplay rocks.