64-4: Not Rocket Science

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Author zoasBE
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Created 2013-06-18
Last Modified 2013-06-18
by 8 people.
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Description Finally here's the last map in this episode. To end it, a pretty long map as ender and in the dead middle of a column, both to HS or SR. As in the rest of the maps of this episode, I worked with the same tile motif, and with the jumps and moves that those kind of slopes offers. I wanted to try with an specific way to nagivate the central tube due the positioning of the mines, as with the differences on going up or down, so I made it essential for a completion. The rest is optional and it's full of gold challenges everywhere, so if you decide to go for all the gold you can find it a bit adventuresque. Pizzles gave me some kind advices about experimenting with mixing some different tile motifs, to get a better atmosphere, but frankly I had already finished this episode, as well as about even 10 more maps for later, but I will follow his advices in a near future. As always, enjoy!

This map was featured on 2016-02-11

I won't lie to you. I've had a love/hate relationship with zoasBE for a while now. Sometimes his maps are terrible, and sometimes they're brilliant. Cuz for me, making maps isn't always easy, but at least it's not rocket science.

Using beautiful tile tessellations and glorious gold patterns, zoas creates a magical fairyland in which you can prance about and enjoy yourself. Feel the flow as you fly through dangerous corridors. Use your heightened senses to dodge gauss fire and zap drones. Gobble up as much gold as your little ninja tummy can hold.

In short, play this shit. — Aidiera

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Yeah! We had a love/hate relationship, but you know, love always was above everything. That was so unexpected! Thank you really, and glad that you liked it guys! XD

very fun :)

not too hard and not too easy perfect difficulty


ah i just meant

we should stop fighting and be friends rather than holding grudges and insulting others we could work together. and do read down if you havent

are you sure

you dont want to accept the offer and hold the grudges like the way they are?
i wasnt expecting that

and wait yes

you also accused me that i multi account right? well i didnt do that and i swear to that, i did plagiarize maps but dont do multi accounting. And yes i have a cousin who uses my account, hyperactive knucklehead one. and yes he is the only one who rates my maps 5 stars. do you wanna know why he does not have his own account?
its because his parents dont allow him to use email right now so i let him use my account in secret that is all


i have been noticing that you have been very frustrated with me for some time. I dont know the reason but i think you are unhappy because i have plagiarized map? is that so? well yes its true that i did plagiarize maps that were not mine. But what you dont know is that like a month ago i had confessed in front of everyone on irc that yes i did plagiarize and i did give examples that was done, and i apologized in front of everyone, RandomDigits is the witness if you dont believe me.
And if i have hurt you for some other reason like if i abused you or somehing else please forgive me, i'm really sorry. Its just that i dont want to hold grudges and i really dont want others to hate me. i have changed and i'm a good person now. Please again forgive me if i have done something bad to you or others in your presence. I really want to friends with you, not your foe. :D
My sincerest apologies :D


Beat the drone. :)
Demo Data

, Ender, and I have an #insatiable collab coming. Stay tuned!

Sub-3000 AGD!

Probably not fastest because of bumpings at the last tube. And I haven't watched any of previous runs, though it was necessary. You can't imagine how many time and efforts this map took from me! I can write lines of common words but I don't wanna do it and just rate this map 5 without many explanations just because of its coolness
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Demo Data


Demo Data

btw, you was close Leo! You only left to do the right part, it was good!

Also Leo,

I want to argue,
Only an episode, 5 maps, and it's getting bit repetitive? Then, E-tile maps are not repetitive? 5-tile maps? They don't get repetitive if gameplays a different in between!!!!!! :P

Just kidding bro!, I prefer to specify before to be misunderstood.

yeah Leo, it was a themed episode, you know. Now I had experimented enough with this motif. XD
and this is pretty epic, although I'm glad you are changing the tiles soon, the diamonds are getting a bit repetitive
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Ok, yeah. Pizzles worded it perfectly.

This is pretty nice

It resembles one of those huge yahoozy maps that uses all of the space of the map, but it could all be tied together a little more cohesively.

I just wanted to make a really long map to AGD, not hard in mechanics but challenging due its lenght. I was looking through my archive and I noticed that I had not almost experimented with this kind of really long maps, usually my longer maps are around 1800-2000 frames at most, and the vast majority of the rest are highscoring maps under 1500 or even under 1000 frames, in fact I have tons of them really shorts and highscoring-esque. I think I'm going to continue experimenting with really long maps, I think this one is my third one above 3000 frames, and I want some more.. :P

Anyhow, thank you again, sincerelly. <3

Yeah, realized that afterwards. G'nite.

Yeah, yeah, I think I didn't said anything wrong. I asked for it, and it is your opinion as you said. I think you misunderstood me. You gave me your opinion and I thanked you. Also I said I liked that you speed'ed this. I think often people misunderstand my comments, and I do not know if it's becuase my shitty English.

SR, quicker. And speed running this is fulfilling enough, so the AGD thing doesn't bother me.
Demo Data

I didn't say that there were no routes. I said they were hard to path out, and register for yourself. Most par routes on this map feel off for me, and that's my opinion, which you asked for.

Well, actually the rest of the map it's plenty of routes, and yes, quite long. That's why I leaved clean a speed route. Cool, thank you, glad you enjoyed speed'ing it. XD

I liked ascending and descending the left, and descending the right. Ascending the right was awkward, but I guess it's necessary and adds to the difficulty of making a nice run. The rest of the map was hard to route and I didn't enjoy it quite as much as speed running the right part.
Also, lol at the drone at the end. :P

You liked it Dagga? At least that part? Would be interesting your opinion.

SR, better up+down, and down+up.
Demo Data

What I wanted to try with the two-sided tubes, was something like had 4 different kind of displacement just conditioned by the positioning of the mines, 1 different kind to up in the left tube, another to down the right tube, next one to go up the right tube and finally down the left tube, 4 types and all of them differents.

SR, haha what was I thinking at the end.
Demo Data


Only one single time at the playtest I was able to down throughout the tube by wall sliding but in a followed row, without having to jump to retrieve the position or speed control. What I mean it's that I was able to do it by wall sliding only one time in row from the top of the tube just to the bottom, other times were by jumping at least once. Try get down the tube all followed in a row, it's fun!