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Author macrohenry
Tags author:macrohenry bluehenry collab ice jumper rated wintercon
Created 2013-12-07
Last Modified 2013-12-07
by 11 people.
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Description Another collab with blue_rocks []!

Progress []

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Thank you very much

Macro, that is perfect.
Here is the map so far:


1 enemy total

Sorry, I mispoke

You can move 1 of the switches. The one in your rectangle. no other switches though


This is your map part.
No Gold But gold might be added later.
Only 1 enemy. You can use mines but try to use them sparingly.
Don't move any of the switches, Don't change existing tiles.
Only add tiles inside the rectangle.
The map has to be beatable 2 ways. Please make sure it is beatable so that the player could get either switch first.
Don't place anything outside the rectangle.

Good Luck!

cool map

i liked the atmosphere and the trap doors. tiles were ok. parts of the map were a bit awkward, but above that, great map.
without looking at yours. (I would never have seen that bb jump at the end)
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And I was so so so hoping you'd add the tag bluehenry! You read my mind!

I'm glad this is up =) It was amazing collabing again with you! I enjoy this map very much!
So that's a 4/5 from me. (:


Very cool map.

I like the style, and jumper puzzleyness. Very good use of trap doors.

1211 AGD

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