1-7X - Two roads.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality unrated
Created 2014-04-15
Last Modified 2014-04-15
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Description /NReality/
This is a recreation of the seventh level in Ch 1: The Forest (Dark World) in Super Meat Boy. I will slowly be porting over all the Super Meat Boy levels, as long as people play em. For now, I will be uploading in chunks of three. Please drop me a comment and tell me what you think. Lotsa love to lotsa people. If you commented on one of my maps or helped me lagtest, you are the bestest.

These ones have lots of saws. Lots.

1-8X - Big red. []
1-9X - So close. []

Have fun everyone! ^^

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But i'm down for a collab if I can use Nv1.4 to make the map.

May I ask...

What is IDM and where can one find it?


I love the saw blades. If I made a map, would it be alright if I used your code as a framework to learn? I will give you credits for the favor
Everytime I meet a new form of circular pathing, it never lets me down.
My 'spinning maces',
karmap0lics's many spherical maps...
OR that impressive gear thing by {bleh}...

This one was worth playing, too.
It quenched my thirst for a nice nreality map----.
I have been busy in school so this might be the rare chance to communicate with numans.

I think I have many cool viable nreality ideas.
I'd be really glad if you comment me further.


Fun map :D
Demo Data

also top route.

beat AMLT, which is nice :D
Demo Data

Top route

Demo Data

slow otherway

Demo Data


Demo Data


Loved smb; enjoyed this.