The survival of a lifetime.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags 5mm author:nachocheese featured nreality survival unrated
Created 2014-05-04
Last Modified 2014-05-04
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Description //NReality//

As it all falls apart.

This map was featured on 2015-10-30

What if you lost your ability to wall-jump?
What if you lost your ability to submit your creativity?
What if you lost your ability to care?

He we are, abandoned by indifference and apathy.
Nick, if you can hear us, please send help.

I suppose this day had to come eventually. Thanks for the memories. — ska

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but it's in the description of the first map link.

whats going on why cant i submit a map

haha ska

pretty cool map this.


I just realised that Nick has apparently transferred ownership of the site. NOT ALL IS LOST, PEOPLE. DON'T TIGHTEN THE NOOSE YET, LADS!


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Hah, that's okay. I've lost my touch. I am not mapping as much as I would like anymore. :(


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i loved it


I love it!
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