06 Foreign City

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Author Kaylab
Tags author:kaylab easy featured rated
Created 2014-07-14
Last Modified 2014-07-14
by 9 people.
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This map was featured on 2016-01-20

Sleek and modern, stark and barren. Kaylab’s aesthetics are on point. What could be more thrilling than bounding through this vacant metropolis, feeling ancient, mechanical eyes on the nape of your neck?

Explore this alien cityscape with a pinch of thievery, a dash of parkour, and a heap of panache. This is urban exploration at its finest. Fly between long-forgotten skyscrapers and laugh in exhilaration: These streets are yours, now.


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Nothing terribly interesting. Kaylab has better maps.


It was only a matter of time before the GM came and destroyed my run, but it was fun while it lasted. GG.


It's interesting because it looks like the laser could be a limiting problem soon.
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a bit sloppy in a couple sections
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Perfect map.

Just... so good.

Here's an AGD (which can be improved slightly at the start, but other than that it is pretty decent).
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great map, what script said

shitty AGD

great map, nice review. I love maps that feel like a real place.
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I really like your tilesets
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Took me a while to make this demo. Nice map!

Now let's see how faster Mohit will be than this :D
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First try speedrun

awesome map by the way
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