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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day oodles rated
Created 2014-08-14
Last Modified 2014-08-14
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description I thought I'd make a map for oodles.

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This map rules

Great flow somehow

The fact that this map isn't an incomprehensible mess is maybe the greatest indicator of your mapping prowess.


this was really fun to figure out

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As well :)


so fun
Demo Data

if you're playing in debug, does it not just keep saving your demo until you tell it to stop recording? i'm guessing tommy forgot to reset the demo recording...

either that or someone's topped corpse pose.


map did you play that's 18000 goddamn frames long.

Got it now.

Jumping over that mine to the left of the ninja. Went about it completely wrong.
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little bit faster

Demo Data


miiiiight try for faster
Demo Data

this is really fun

nice and slightly puzzlish at first then a fun path to try and speed through once you work it out. AGD soon

good lord, day

that jump to the left of the start is brutal



Really fun map

Really interesting and surprising.