Core Principles

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Author Seneschal
Tags author:seneschal oodles puzzlish unrated
Created 2014-08-20
Last Modified 2014-08-20
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Description For oodles.

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great puzzle

took me a few minutes
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Laser adds plenty

yay gee dee

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i like maps where it feels like you have to cheat them to complete them. all the one-ways you don't strictly need to use are just red herrings to make it look like there's a jump that's just impossible or something

and i like the laser, though it really makes the first jump into the right side of the map unforgiving - adds good pressure, makes pulling the jumps off take a lot of planning and forethought without being super fiddly or technically difficult (or just unfair)

this map is like dark souls 5/5 for being a cheeky bastard
Not sure that the laser adds anything?


that is indeed the intended route, though you made getting to the exit switch a little more difficult than it needed to be (see demo)

I wanted the intended route to be a quite obscure so players had to really grapple with the notion of how to exploit one-way glitches in order to progress

glad you managed to puzzle it out! here's my agd-1
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this looks lovely

but god help me this is the only route i can find to complete it

was this intended at all or am i missing something
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