The Plight of Theseus

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Author Aidiera
Tags arcana author:aidiera chainguns editionone featured hard puzzle rated
Created 2015-01-24
Last Modified 2015-01-24
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Edition One

The Hermit: Focus on a very open tileset.
The Devil: Gold cannot be used.
The Moon: Trap doors must be used.
The Emperor: Chain drones must be used.
ROGUE EMPEROR: If The Emperor was drawn, use more than four chainguns. Otherwise, use one chaingun.
Nexx Marks the Spot: Send the map to Nexx before submitting for completion.

I might revisit this concept at a later date. I think well-placed gold and seekers would make this a fantastic map.

This map was featured on 2016-07-31

Aidiera's [] 'The Plight of Theseus' is a mapmaking gem. It is not too overbearing in its concept to be annoying and yet not too indulgent in it as well to make the map squarely about it; it strikes the chord just right at a fun, open-ended map. Whatever direction you go, you will find something new about this map that you didn't know. — Sunset

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Fantastic level

Unfortunate aspect of N is that going through the panels doesn't always trigger each one.

great map


Nice, this is an outstanding map.

This is such a great map


great work! really just an excellent example of creativity with mapdraft cards i love it

fun map

was a little laggy but it didn't matter much
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I love the concept and the gameplay is cool, though obviously it gets a bit frustrating not knowing which side the doors will close on. Still, nicely done!


How did I make it onto a mapdraft:arcana card?? I wasn't consulted for this! I demand royalties! :P

Best I can do at 3am.
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best route i can find
Demo Data

very fun