39-1 I Met Death and Spoke with The Devil

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Author Vanquish
Tags 4 arcana author:vanquish editionone freedom rated series
Created 2015-01-31
Last Modified 2015-01-31
by 5 people.
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Spent a while deciding on what to do with the cards that I got:
Death: Choose between flat tiles, slanted tiles, or curved tiles. Your map cannot have any of the chosen tiles.
Judgement: One-ways must be used.
The Devil: Gold cannot be used.
The Chariot: Floorguards must be used.
ROGUE EMPIRE: If The Emperor was drawn, use more than four chainguns. Otherwise, use one chaingun.
Twinning: Objects and enemies must be paired. (Another of that object or enemy must be placed next to it.)
Hope this map follows all the rules. (ROGUE EMPIRE and Twinning contradicted each other so I went along with ROGUE EMPIRE. Hope thats ok).
P.S Hope I'm not too late.

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I really like the mechanic with the exit switch, and that whole kind of area. The jump to get out of the exit/start area is very not obvious and very cool. The laser is well timed mostly, I find it does get a bit overbearing when I'm around the top of the map... I'm not sure how easy that would be to fix, though. I like what the laser does when I'm not right near it. I like the tiles. So I guess that's my main "complaint" with the map, the top is a bit too awkward with the laser.

If you have any other questions about it I'll gladly answer to the best of my ability :)


about the collab - I don't know what else to add up, it feels pretty much ok to go (to me). wanna submit it?
take your pick.


I'll collab. How are we doing this? Do you use IRC?
I've been on a hiatus of sorts for months now, but I may or may not start again soon. I've been bored lately and the idea of making maps again doesn't sound too bad.


sure, I'll playtest it
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Probably should of said 'short' instead of 'easy'.
Though I was making and playtesting it for an hour so after a while it became easy for me.

okay, no more messing around
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disagree strongly on the 'easy' bit
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Pretty easy map.
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