Love Goes On And On

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera featured iodineenvy jumper rated rocket seekers
Created 2015-02-14
Last Modified 2015-02-14
by 5 people.
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Description Almost a collab with IodineEnvy. [] I kinda pulled an Aidiera and finished it myself.

Happy Valentine's Day, guys. <3 []

This map was featured on 2015-05-25

I can’t think of anyone who understands the art of mapping as well as Aidiera does. All the feedback he gives, all the maps he makes demonstrate expertise of the highest caliber. Just look at the structure of this one: The one-ways in combination with the tiles are incredible and make for some really interesting mechanisms. Furthermore, he doesn’t resort to the typical “dodge-the-gauss-and-the-mines” kind of gameplay but he demonstrates a perfect use of seeker drones. This is a map that feels as fresh on the hundredth try as it does on the first. — macrohenry

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As long as I know you're a fan of some of my other maps, which you are. :p


I didn't really find this all that special or interesting. It's a nice action map, but when it comes to mapping this feels like a leftover turkey sandwich or a a box of chicken wings - comfort food you munch on to satiate hunger while waiting for the main course.


Cool map. I love the speedrun route, it's so much fun.

Great use of the drones, btw. You really know how to use your seeker drones.
Thanks to IodineEnvy for being part of this masterpiece.

thanks : )
PS if you're Etz, welcome back!
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Not my kind of map though; I don't really know why though.
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slow first try AGD

Nice map, but I'm the only one around here who does not care about valentine's day? It's not that popular in europe.
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