Gotta Grab 'Em All (Hellish Version)

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Author SpartaX18
Tags author:spartax18 gold highscore notsoplayable run ultrasuperduperhardalmostimpossible unrated
Created 2015-03-29
Last Modified 2015-03-30
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Thanks to golfkid for completing the original C:

Edit: Don't even try to play it. Better go here:

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but golfkid's exaggerating. i had enough fun.
Demo Data
I make a mistake by being like "if i can finish it (barely, in fact), then everyone can" I will probably delist this verion. If you landed here, i'm letting you know that you should play the original version instead:
Once again: sorry.

Not playing

This was a tough enough map without any enemies, don't know why you decided to add anything in for this...

I think you don't really understand what 'medium' means; just by looking at it I'd say it's nigh impossible to complete, much less try and agd. You actually had a really good map in v2, which is why I put as much time in it as I did. This, though, with the addition of the enemies, just turns it into complete crap. No incentive to play because you hardly have a chance to get out of the first corridor!

jesus christ.