So the Walls of Your House Are Bleeding

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff hard-ish minejumper rated
Created 2015-07-06
Last Modified 2015-07-06
by 6 people.
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Description Minejumper. Hooz-inspired.

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Man this map is awesome. All time favourite contender for me. Spent ages playing it, awesome fun.
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also wtf aidiera

that version is horrible
great map name that fits the atmosphere

love the structure, but it's a bit regrettable that the left side ascension isn't used in an AGD run
But it doesn't really have much in common with my map, except for the main tile shape.

And while I get your criticism, I do really like the mines in my version. That claustrophobic feel serves the map's atmosphere very well in my opinion.
with that lite version because its a completely different genre. "lite version" -> "somewhat similar inspired map"

the mines look threatening
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Ugly mines.

Lite Version []

it was frustrating when i got to the very end and realized that one must get the door key at the start (or jump in between mines, which i suffered a casualty trying). the floor guards are a nice touch that i usually don't consider when building a map. overall fun jumper, nothing wrong with it at all. big five.

nice demo golf

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I wouldn't really call any of these parts awkward, just requiring high levels of precision. Very solid map.
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I enjoyed the gameplay too even though some parts were a bit awkward.


AGD isn't that hard, just longer.
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