Trick or Trick

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry haunt medium numacon spooky unrated
Created 2015-12-19
Last Modified 2015-12-19
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Description This was posted on the forums already but I'd like all my maps to be stored here. I hope you don't mind.

I'm quite proud of the mechanics here but I'd better not tell you too much. Thanks to lifdoff for playtesting.

(Winner map from haunt NUMACon. Yay!)

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Uhm. No, not on the pus side. Apologies. Definitely on the plus side.

Not sure what to make of this one. I remember loving it the first time I played it, but I'm finding it a bit more tedious now. The teleporter trap conceit is clever, certainly; but it's not that much fun running back and forth like it makes you. I also wasn't sure what was going on in parts of the map, especially the top left; is that totally unused?

On the pus side, it's still a solid map. The tiles are amazing, the rocket area is top notch, and I actually love the rocket/door trick at the end. 4/5 overall, but I think you coulda cleaned it up into a 5/5.


but a bit incohesive. i didn't feel the little mechanics blended together very well. i felt you should have prepared the final corridor before the exit by having that same mechanic earlier in the map, otherwise it's just trial and error.

Very nice map.

I like the tiles in the upper part. 5/5
Awesome map. I had a ton of fun playtesting it and exploring all the surprises it has to offer.


Really nice. Somehow I found the blockgate tricky and i'm not sure how to get the gold above the ninja without it being a bit of a drag. I think I know a numa map you'd like btw