Santa's Workshop

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese hellidays nreality unrated
Created 2015-12-28
Last Modified 2015-12-28
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Description //NReality//

Alternate names include: "No Gold No Worries", "4 Letter Word", "I sold my soul to Satan and now all my maps r possessed", "Ctrl-C Ctrl-V", and my personal favourite, "Framerate Fucker".

This map pushes the limits of NReality because of the sheer amount of moving parts, and the map is pretty tough anyway. I hope you got a new PC for Christmas.

Good to see NUMA is back online. I've been lurking this whole year, but I've just been so busy it's hard to find the motivation to sit down after a long day and map. Maybe next year will be better.

Happy holidays, and have fun everyone! :D

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Agreed with apse

I love the spinning mines, though. Reminds me of Super Meat Boy. :D

really cool

but absurdly difficult, at least for me.


This is creative! A bit long for such a linear map, but really clever. And it didn't lag too much for me.
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this is some crazy shit


How do you even think of things like this? That ascent is brilliant.
So yeah, Framerate Fucker is appropriate.

But I'll give this a five just because of how well this is constructed anyway.


Cookies for those who manage one as well.
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