Christmas Day for Adrenaline Junkies

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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff chaingun hellidays lasers rated rockets
Created 2015-12-30
Last Modified 2015-12-30
by 5 people.
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Description For Hellidays. This is probably more appropriate than my other submission, and definitely more fun, but you can submit as many maps as you want, so what the hell.

Sunset playtested.

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felt like you were welcomed home



But it's pretty hard.

incl the looks

really fun map

quality map



hey buddy. happy new year!

Interesting choice of enemies but they work super well. Jumping in the treetops is a bit too clunky though. Still a great map. :)
Sub-1600 probably doable.
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After a long time of trying, here's a sloppy AGD.

Sub-2000 totally doable.
Demo Data

Great map!

Very tough, but totally doable — exactly where I want a difficult map to be. I like how you incorporated a couple cool jumps into the tiles; the gold above the rocket is a ton of fun. Probably my favorite hellidays so far.