The Great Firewall

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable puzzle unrated
Created 2016-04-29
Last Modified 2016-04-29
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Description 3-4 from my mappack Fifth Storie, which you can find on the forums. I haven't played these maps in a long time and seeing this one with fresh eyes made me really proud of how it works mechanically, so I wanted to put it up here. I'll probably make a new map soon

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I've had prettier runs, but doing that difficult walljump in the lower-right corner of the map twice is something I don't think I'll be able to do for another hundred tries, so I'll just leave it with this.

I really liked the design of this level. The tiles resemble a pixelated fire, with gold and mines that make it look fiery, the drones give a sort of cybernetic defense force feel to the map, and the one-ways really hammer the "wall" part home. 5aved.
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Difficulty and length are nicely scaled.
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Hey man.

For some reason I cant get N to work on my new PC, or I cant load maps and load up the map editor. Very weird.

Anyway though just saying Hi and it's awesome to see some people still making and posting new maps on NUMA. Every once in a while I look back around the place and reminisce etc.

Peace bro !

proud of you

one of my favorites

of this pack