Heavily Guarded Castle's In The Sky

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Author jasdanu
Tags author:jasdanu godless playable puzzle unrated vintage
Created 2016-07-29
Last Modified 2016-07-29
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Map Data

Description Vintage map using tiles by Godless []

A puzzle map using the concept I found here []

Tried to keep it from being too croweded.

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When I upgraded from my old shitty Laptop to a gaming setup I felt like this [].


Yea I did Jol. Nah I haven't played it. I've been disconnected from gaming since I'm using a shitty laptop. Waiting on a new one coming in September. Then I'll start again


I just realised, that you followed me on twitch :D
Thanks alot, even tho I am a bit inactive on twitch due to real life stuff. Do you play osu?

Glad you liked it

Godless. The moment I saw these I knew they were perfect for the concept :D


Thanks Aidiera

Means a lot.

Even I had a difficult time. I was contemplating adding more gold but it is definitely possible to beat the map with the amount of gold I have put in.

Haven't made a demo yet because my OCD needs a near perfect run and because of university classes
It's used extra-well in this map, but by god is it hard not to die by running out of time. Great job!

Demo Data

If confused

Take a look at the demo I'll post
and one on Nreality