Before Three Judges

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue featured unrated weekendwatch
Created 2016-08-07
Last Modified 2016-08-07
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Description So I am currently working at a school as a watch on weekends till the end of August. Since it is quite uneventful in here, I thought I'd make some maps.

This map was featured on 2017-01-02

In times past, it was common to submit one's self to a trial. The three pillars do not represent three judges as people, but rather three core ideas: integrity, humility, and individuality. Together they encompassed the values of the community surrounding them. To only take on one judge did not prove one's worth to the community, as each idea had more meaning and purpose in conjunction with the others. Thus the trial was meant to test all aspects at once, such that a ninja could show their commitment to upholding the judges' ideals. — origami_alligator

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oh wow

thank you for the review, I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you!

I got all nostalgic while writing it. ^__^
Good one Liam.


fun map
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it removes venedig entirely though, coz they thought venedig was so bad it can't be fixed.
If you like we can play a bit of civ someday.
steamname is meanapple1 cause some crazy person already named himself Meanapple, what a rude guy

classic one

saw some nq vids, I guess I'm good with classic for now

civ 5 nice

playing with nq mod or classic?

coop holy moly

Yeah, I did.
Dota 2 with bots, civ 5, starbound. Waiting for civ 6 as well.
did you register for the beta?
Also not playing hearthstone anymore lately, lost interest.
what games do you play anyway?

I tried hearthstone

not my cup of tea, sorry.
mobile n-game? you're quite a sadist, huh.
I'm more hyped for n++ on pc

you're a guard?

thats pretty swell.
Play some hearthstone when you are bored
or better yet n-game. Imagine a mobile n-game. The controls would be frustrating as hell.
maybe NaN it and put it where the gauss is? i'm not sure.
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