abhorrent transparency

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Author blacklef
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Created 2016-12-28
Last Modified 2016-12-28
by 6 people.
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Description i kinda am

This map was featured on 2017-02-16

Earlier this week I was playing a new game on my phone. The player flies around the screen in a Mayan tomb filled with traps. Enthralled with the game, after I while I found myself contemplating programming a similar game of my own. I didn't have any new ideas, but I wished that I was the creator. I find that the best way for me to know if something is great is when I begin to wish that I had made it.

abhorrent transparencyDaggaFork

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Really nice flow and progression. Great map, great review.


thanks a lot
Agreed with Hyteriux


review, glad you featured this one, didn't get the attention that it deserved


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really awesome


Looks good :)

Why get this no any attention?