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Author Spackal
Tags action author:spackal hard unrated welp
Created 2017-02-20
Last Modified 2017-02-20
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Map Data

Description Started with the tiles, then found the entity placement really hard... tell me what you think

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nice spacey map

I loved the entrance to the gauss room, but the tiles felt too awkward to move on for me, esp in the large room you start from



nice lookin

good aesthetics and gold placement

i like the mines along the left and bottom edges, makes the top right feel more open

i feel like you might have had more planned here though
I'm in love with the tiles.
I was struck at first by the quality of the composition of the tiles and then was pleasantly surprised to find that the overall form works in harmony with the actual experience of playing the map. That is a mark of a good map, I think. I love how spacious it is and how the different sections lead into each other, allowing for variations in paths while still maintaining an interesting flow. I probably can't put into words all of the things that make me like this map but I've enjoyed this more than a lot of the maps I've played recently. Nice one! Favorited
and the gauss, that was pretty irritating on nv2
just noticed that looking at the preview i'll play this is in the morning.
though i'll have to try it again on 1.4 as i see you've changed it up a bit