09 aurora

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Author Hyteriux
Tags 09 aurora author:hyteriux chasingghosts mappack unrated
Created 2017-02-20
Last Modified 2017-06-20
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a faint glow in her eyes…
another map from my upcoming map pack. i told myself i wouldn't post any maps prematurely but i really like this one and thought i would share this one as sort of a teaser part 2.

thanks to the nv2 channel on the discord for feedback on this one and btoasterboy (xandotoaster) in particular for the very helpful feedback on this one and all the others I've made so far. him, v3l0c1ty, and the rest of the channel have been of huge help and support thus far and i highly appreciate it.

really good album for mapping []

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Always had

a thing for nice tiles. You've grown so much when I first saw you on v2

just one

agd route
Demo Data

just one

agd route
Demo Data

that is

an exceptionally pretty one-way