Bow Ties

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Author mathy
Tags author:mathy hard seeker teleporter unrated
Created 2017-03-03
Last Modified 2017-03-03
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Map Data

Description I am back, and this is an extremely difficult map I made a while ago. (It was on the forum thread when NUMA was down). I would like to see if anyone can submit a demo, although this map is not for the faint-hearted. The main feature making this extremely hard is the seeker drones in the middle of the map, that can make the level impossible if you do not lure them.This is also my first teleporter map.

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i really like it

hard to complete tho
Demo Data

Teleporter glitch

The teleporter glitch where you end up on the wrong launchpad seems inevitable to occur, given the teleporters. I am not sure exactly how to fix it. It seems like however I edit the launchpad values there is always a small chance of that occurring.

one complaint

sometimes it sends you to the wrong launchpad on the way up.

Demo Data