06 i wove this world for you

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Author Hyteriux
Tags 06 author:hyteriux chasingghosts iwovethis unrated worldforyou
Created 2017-03-04
Last Modified 2017-06-20
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my love

here's one more map from 'chasing ghosts' before i put it on hold and turn it into a long term project. i'll likely be working on a new, much shorter and less ambitious mappack for the time being.

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the music's really pretty, esp love the tremolo synth
Pretty damn hard too!
I think my only complaint would be that the trees can be a pain in the ass to jump off to collect the gold, considering in 1.4 the ninja gets a bit janky when trying to bounce off 2 and 6 tiles.
Other than that, its pretty fun!
Any reason you're putting this mappack on hold?