Easier As You Go

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Author Kaylab
Tags author:kaylab easy unrated
Created 2017-03-05
Last Modified 2017-03-05
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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but you're supposed to rank the contest maps! -- [] :^)

please judge, or tell me if you are no longer willing

Yer a judj!

Judges are Arona_Daal, Kaylab and possibly Spackal

Send me your ratings for the maps like this:
SuperCoolMap by DaggaFork 5/5
ShittyDumbMap by EveryoneElse 1/5

and I'll compile the results. I will tiebreak if it needs to be done. Thanks guys!


I haven't really been playing recently but I just wanted to say it's great to see you back around these parts ^_^ Looking forward to playing through your new maps soon.


Agreed, simplicity at its finest!
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Love the simplistic style of this one. Nice job!
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these are fun
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