a feast for the centipedes

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Tags author:palemoon centipedes unrated
Created 2017-04-04
Last Modified 2017-04-04
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Description a feast for all the centipedes in your life. oh, the inhumanity!

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you're cool eganic

good luck out there :)
I haven't played or mapped in forever but I've noticed that over the years when I find myself spacing off at a corner I tend to visualize the little ninja guy bouncing up through the cracks of the chairs and the toaster and the 2-dimensional world they create from where I'm sitting. Just for fun. I lurk on here occasionally and just look at the maps and there's still so much to see. Thanks for the good times and the patience with me. I could really be a young dumb turd during that time on and off the internet but damnit I was an artist too and this little hidden gem website and community was pretty choice for a while and provided some valuable opportunities to grow as an artist and as a member of a community. Thanks for the inspiration too. GG with all my heart.


Very convenient gameplay. I had so much fun. faved for playing again in the future. 5
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i really like all your maps generally


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and i had too many maps on the page. . .


where did s l u m go


took way more effort than it shoulda
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That was easy! Very fun 5
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