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Author mathy
Tags author:mathy drones fractal hard puzzle thwumps unrated
Created 2017-04-16
Last Modified 2017-04-18
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Description Here is another map of mine. Getting past the drones and thwumps is certainly not easy and certain parts involve very difficult manouevres. Try to submit a demo. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out the name of this level.

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nice demo

i had to see it to believe it. hundreds of attempts you say? i call that nearly impossible. for especially hard maps like this, you need to focus on appealing aesthetics and rewarding gameplay to draw the audience in and keep them playing. this is just way too frustrating.


Here is my demo. It took me a lot more than 20 attempts (probably in the hundreds) but I completed it. I don't find it too hard (it is probably easier than MTI and 4 Threes). This map is supposed to be challenging and require a lot of practice to complete.
Demo Data


I've played it a bit and here's my constructive feedback. First and foremost, it is not fun. It is far too difficult to enjoy. This is the kind of map where the creator tested each bit individually, made sure it was all possible, and then went ahead and released it. That is not the way you test hard maps. Even if that's the method you choose to use to test each section, you still need to go back and beat the whole thing. If it takes you more than 20 tries it probably is too hard.
by my standards at least, and perhaps daggafork's as well (and that's saying something)

if you have a completion demo to prove me wrong here, please post it
Please try to keep comments constructive. This comment is not constructive or necessary in any way.


fuck this