Recursive Display Feature

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Author Spackal
Tags action...sortof author:spackal curves laser unrated welp
Created 2017-04-27
Last Modified 2017-04-27
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Description "Here at N industries, we try to make your experience as a customer as simple as possible. With our new RDF, interacting with any display either online or in-store should be easier than ever."

While scouring the forums, I found this thread [], and on that thread I found this video [], which inspired me to make this map.

I've long since wanted to make a map featuring 4 tiles


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how funny to see

someone watched one of furry_ant's ancient videos and made a map because of that! hah, I even remember the weird Asian music.


Really like the tile design.
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agd -3

very solid gameplay, nothing to complain about. nothing really stands out either, but it is an excellent level nonetheless
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Terrific map

I love when 4 tiles are used like this.

You've got a great tile style, keep it up.
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