Heehaw Stomp

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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork e hge playable playable-maps-with-playable-taps-and-playable-taps-with-playable-snaps r unrated
Created 2017-04-29
Last Modified 2017-04-29
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Description never mind, don't tell me

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Incredible map.

tbh, I can't AGD, but watching others AGD this is very satisfying. 5/5

i like it a lot

wr for slowest agd
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fun map
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whew. i didn't like the part above the death trap. getting out of there is a bitch.
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I would have like more little bits of gold. But I like this type of map a lot.
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a grand ol' map

I love how some parts are a DDA. the playable snaps were the best part.
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