Inside Of The Sun

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Author Yoke3000
Tags author:yoke3000 drones fun mines sun thwump unrated
Created 2017-05-06
Last Modified 2017-05-06
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Description Enjoy. :)

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I've been checking this site like, 2 times a year, since 2012 or so (omg, just realizing how much time has passed, wtf?) Been a long time since I saw something inspiring during my short visits, but today I actually discovered some good new mappers :) makes me happy seeing there are still people out there who put a lot of time and energy in this gem of a game.

some of your maps remind me of what I did years ago. keep it up!

so close

the end is so awkward for me
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but couldn't beat yours and gave up :(

exemplary pacing and structure


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