heehaw (aids remix)

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Author Aidiera
Tags aids-remix author:aidiera daggafork puzzle rated
Created 2017-05-24
Last Modified 2017-05-24
by 5 people.
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Description Yesterday I fell at work and I'm all hopped up on painkillers at 3am so I took a stab at a daggafork remix and maybe it he'll like it.

Heehaw Stomp []

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Slow speedrun

I loved this. 5aved There was. There was no enemies and this map felt incredibly challenging. Very fun, a little spamming, but I've overlooked this because this map really pushed where a no enemy, launchpad jumping map further than I've seen it go before. Very impressed. Well done to you sir.
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My worst run..

But it's still fun.. 5
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This is really fun

probably more fun than mine. It took me so many tries to find the trapdoor that I actually found a way out of the left pit without it.
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feel better soon. And try not to take those painkillers for longer than you really need believe me