Great Barrier Reef

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Author Yoke3000
Tags author:yoke3000 drones featured gold mines playable rated reef
Created 2017-05-28
Last Modified 2017-05-28
by 9 people.
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Description Enjoy. :)

This map was featured on 2018-05-23

At a young age I grew to love how the waves draped across the beach like a bedsheet, always pulling back to get the wrinkles out yet never succeeding. In my adolescence I would dive beneath the covers and learn secrets of the ocean. I learned how vulnerable love is and how easy one is drowned by it. With each breath I was offered saltwater until I became part of the ocean. Now I explore the Reef, searching for those breaths so callously taken so that my next love is not burdened by the saltwater in my lungs. — origami_alligator

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Nice run, Eddie.

Still got some room for polish (but I don't need to tell you!). Still a great run for a player who took a year off. I'd love to see an MDB/FBF run of this level to put it to the test.


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pretty rusty, almost a year since i last played, hopefully the final dronen can be beaten by a cyle of half a cycle
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It's a bit clunky, and the doors were definitely a mistake. I found the bottom part particularly clunky, but the rest of it was solid. Here's an AGD to show you I actually spent time on it! ;)
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although it was just a couple days ago lol

I hate these doors. this time the prisoner drones annoyed me (see the first seconds of my demo - I know it's due to the route I've taken but I feel it's the most comfortable one). the laser was somewhat ineffective, but I loved the upper right part, lots of cool jumps there.
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looks good to boot, though! I liked the drones in a way, gave the map an interesting quasi-prisoner feel in these places

I'd love to see a minimalist map from you, just to see what it's like. Have you thought about entering Equality? That could be a cool experiment; I had a lot of fun trying to work out a map for it.

enjoyed it

agree it feels a little clunky, but .. in a kind of interesting way to me? idk, liked it
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I must admit the thwumps surprised me every time I triggered a new one. I really enjoyed it. AGD
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Quite pretty,

but not much to love in the way of gameplay. It just feels super clunky. I'd love to see maps with more direction and attention to movement from you.

Come on