Silesian Morning

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny rated
Created 2017-09-01
Last Modified 2017-09-02
by 10 people.
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Description decided to upload a map from a mappack I had planned a couple of years ago. Think this one plays pretty well, hope you have fun

EDIT: one of the towers was accidentally deleted and it affected the gameplay a lot, had to edit that one out. sorry for the broken runs!

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Beautiful map. Love those industrial-esque towers and simplistic enemy choice.
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Demo Data

hot stuff

very flowy, I liked that
thanks for all the feedback guys, glad you liked it!

Love the map

Here's another sloppy AGD from me. Got a surprisingly good jump off the 3-tile the chaingun paths around. Gave me a good horizontal push
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i think

i have a fb but it's pretty old at this point and is probably a bit cringey, i'll look for it, just gotta clean it up a bit. haha, i wish, they're actually just one of my favorite bands and i was listening to them while i made that map so i figured i'd share it with NUMA. I've always wanted to make music though, just don't have the tools for it.


The map looks amazing and the gameplay is amazing.. 5/5
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I visited there in July! :) Only for a few days though. Explored old town and went to the Albertina for an afternoon. (If I had more time, I would have gone to the Arnold Schoenberg cultural centre... but my family wasn't extreme enough for that, lol.)

Speaking of which, I didn't realize you were active on RYM again, cool to see you around there too.

We'll see if I make more maps these days... been playing a bunch of other games recently. Majora's Mask and Persona 4 at the moment, and occasionally Heroes 3 and Civilization 5.

Love this map though, reminds me of your old style!

its okay

The end of my demo kinda sucked anyways haha (and you were right it does look even better!)

Wow, thanks! :) ya I've been thinking a lot about it recently, I would've loved to have been part of this around that time, seemed like such a fun place to be, even more so than today. ya, the nv2 community is definitely more active but I guess the downfall is well, it's no Numa and the average map quality isn't too great. There are definitely quite a few really decent and great mappers who post on there though so I think it's definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.


This map offered me the feeling of playing it over and over again.. even if my skills are beneath the ground.
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my preferred route

there's definitely room for improvement :)
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very silesian

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I realized I accidentally deleted one of the towers somehow and you can get the left-hand switch without the gauss noticing you. do you mind if I edit it and ruin your demo? :( it's gonna look even nicer too

this is

a lovely map. it was so much fun to run around in and the mines are placed so well. the chaingun was used quite efficiently and i especially love the giant cluster of gold as sort of a risk > reward factor with the compact space and the chaingun in close proximity. it forced me to act quickly and make immediate and fatal decisions. it all just flowed really well and i think you used just the right amount of gold. plus the tiles are just absolutely gorgeous
5 really fun map + agd
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nowadays you kinda just have to hope you get lucky enough that after you post a map someone checks NUMA and sees your map, but even then there's no guarantee they'll even play it.
I'll give this a go in a little bit, looks great. and thanks for playing so many of my maps, it means a lot and it made my day, especially blood stains these walls, I was getting worried no one would ever play it but you gave me plentiful demos to watch haha.


hoped it'd be a good time for this map to be noticed since the two rated ones on the hot maps page are so old

guess i was proven wrong