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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork playable swampedelic unrated
Created 2017-09-10
Last Modified 2017-09-10
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Map Data

Description Swampedelic maps \
the hypodermic feel \
will suck the leeches off your heels \
and leave you dry

- It's the FUTURE of MAPPING -

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only thing is, i blew all the money in my bank account on chuck-e-cheeses and shitty aesthetic memes, so do you mind if i pay you in agd's for said swampedelic maps instead?

if so, i'll have your first payment delivered to you as soon as i can.

Budget Package - $5/mo - 1 Swampedelic Map per week
Regular Package - $9/mo - 2 Swampedelic Maps per week
Big Package - $12.75/mo - 3 Swampedelic Maps per week
Bigbig Package - $16/mo - 4 Swampedelic Maps per week
Bigbigbig Package - $18.75/mo - 5 Swampedelic Maps per week
Swampedelic Package - $21/mo - 6 Swampedelic Maps per week & Swampedelic Disco T-Shirt
Swamp Monster's Swampedelic Maps Map Package - $41/mo - Swampedelic Club VIP membership & Everything from the Swampedelic Package + 1 Swampedelic Map per week