The Defenestration of Common Sense

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Author UkaBOB
Tags agd author:ukabob bob3 hard playable playtested unrated
Created 2018-11-09
Last Modified 2018-11-11
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Common Sense says to make this as simple as possible. I say chuck that stupid idea out the window and go for an AGD speedrun. It's up to you which one of us you choose to listen to. *Listen to me.* I want to see a demo of this very difficult feat.

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Someone, anyone

give me an AGD!!!
It's just been a function we all overlooked on the site, since for years Arachnid never really did any actual coding to help.


This is not an AGD sadly

Demo Data

Ah. I see.

I have now gotten every piece of gold one way or another. Just not all in one run.


It is possible...

just get a running start. Or you can try some other harder method.

What about

those two gold on the bottom that are on top of the mines? I can't seem to get those.
and I assure it is actually possible to get all of the gold without dying. I just haven't done that and finished it in one run.

Just by looking at it, I'd say an AGD isn't actually possible.