Though All Be Fallen

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Author UkaBOB
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Created 2018-11-16
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Description "I go among trees and sit still
Another Sunday morning comes
To sit and look at light-filled leaves
The bell calls in the town
How many have relinquished
What stood will stand, though all be fallen
What if, in the high, restful sanctuary
I go from the woods into the cleared field
Enclosing the field within bounds
Whatever is foreseen in joy
To long for what can be fulfilled in time
To long for what eternity fulfills
What hard travail God does in death
The eager dog lies strange and still
Great deathly powers have passed
The frog with lichened back and golden thigh
Six days of work are spent
The intellect so ravenous to know
Here where the world is being made
Dream ended, I went out, awake."

-Wendell Berry

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