Emergent Phenomena

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Author UkaBOB
Tags agd author:ukabob bob2 illusion maze unrated
Created 2019-01-01
Last Modified 2019-01-01
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Description Behold! I have created a map.

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By the way

I just favourited a map that you should see, BOBLEADER.



of course an agd.

I took the time to draw Sensei saying yes, but it got a little screwed up when I submitted the comment. I have to say, it looked really cool while typing.

I was also planning on putting my signature in another comment, so as to avoid messing up my epic art, but after that... amusing mistake, I will remain anonymous.
\ /

/ \

Does anyone want

to try and agd this?



Demo Data

great thumbnail

looks amazing


Demo Data

as far as maze maps go, i suppose this is one of the more interesting ones
and it took about two minutes to find the route. However, I kept falling at unfortunate spots.


Found it.

Demo Data

I couldn't find a way to door after reaching the key.