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I appreciate the efforts of people to try to make mapping into an abstract art form (akin to artists who paint an enormous canvas black with their own hair and stuff like that) but I'd appreciate it if we would keep it out of the freaking featured slot. As much as I appreciate the interestingness and thoughtfulness and other pretentious tripe in this map and review, people come to the featured maps page looking for a fun map and not for a postmodern museum piece to ponder.

I could do better

so could you, obviously.

Look I'm not going to argue the point, I'm going to focus on adding to the community by improving my reviewing. Others should be thinking the same thing instead of this destructive mudcasting.

I haven't commented on the review because O_A, like everyone else, can make a misstep. Posting a review like this so soon after the unlucky episode with my last review is arguably not the most clever thing to do, but pointing this out for 50+ comments doesn't do anything to fix it.

I hated it when people were rough on me because they didn't like my review and I suppose O_A hates it about as much when people don't like his review. But what's bad about it is not whether people like it or not (because that's important to know as a reviewer in order to improve), it's in what tone people tell you whether they like it or not.

I know it's normally folly to say such things on the internet, but can we please settle for a less hostile tone?

All you nubs not being able to fit through that little crack. Pssssshhh.



I deleted my previous comment because I contradicted myself without even realising it.

Regardless, the gist was that I realise I say things to people but for the most part those are single incidences not to be given as a dogma or a manifesto for an entire community. People are all different and because I became upset with a new Reviewer for not putting more effort into his Reviews does not necessarily mean I should be upset with all Reviewers. If a respected and consistent Reviewer posts a 2000px-tall image in his Review once I'm not going to get upset because his history shows that he is a great Reviewer. I know that he'll pop out a great Review the next time and if he doesn't then I'll let him know he's stepping over the boundary of what is acceptable.
But for a new Reviewer? I should be expecting a little more consistency and be impressed with their skills because I don't know if they can or will be consistent. If they cannot show consistency and an effort to even metaphorically describe the map then I'd rather give up their position to someone else. I've talked to a couple respected and great Reviewers about overstepping their boundaries before. I don't feel this is overstepping my boundaries and I feel like you only started shit to start shit, AMLT.

I've easily Reviewed about 8 maps since this: []
and all of those Reviews between this and that were quality reviews that spoke of the map and its merits. To be 100% consistent at this job is impossible and atob can attest to that. I take each instance as its own problem and solve it with its own solution instead of trying to mold a solution to fit everyone. I thought Diamondeye could do better. I think I have proven myself to do just fine in the past. Sorry if my Review upsets you. I admit to having double-standards. You would too were you in my position.

This a great map.

But I wouldn't expect the general populace to see that.
Demo Data
For me it's easier to load them into the user levels on nreality. Plus I like having my 90 seconds, thanks. That's still an important part of mapping, imo.
and this is all a joke

Very existential

I rated it 0 (Worthless).


In all fairness

When one guy gets told off for doing something just days before the person who did the telling off does the exact same thing, it's kinda hypocritical of them.
You're not supposed to play the map. u_u
Amlt and eganic never fail to make their impressions.

i play in Ned.

And I am not no one.

The good old days of double enter to respawn... and when you died dragging him around with <ctrl>...

idiotic review

i love the map



I KNEW this would get featured eventually. What a dumb map :D
it does mean it's a bit of an effort to watch demos posted on nreality, but in all other ways it's better imo.

me trooe

Oh, amlt.

I ALWAYS play my maps in NED, unless it's a map pack.




you really should listen to your own advise man, terrible review. And an awfully pretentious map.
Don't post Reviews like this anymore. They are uninteresting and this particular one didn't even say anything about the map. Further Reviews like this will not be tolerated. At least try to put some thought into what you write, please.

Oh wait. It was you!


This map isn't even playable. Times have changed and barely anyone uses Ned to play other people's maps in; for those reasons this is quite worthless. However played in Ned it's sort of fun - the whole pressing the return key twice thing then moving one's cursor to a different location and repeating. Good times.




heres some fucking originality for once. thanks to neither_nor for having this in their favorites so that i could find this.


I want to plaaaay it! :( :(
its everywhere
Heh, such a silly idea, but such an amazing looking map.

Hahaha heh.

I love people.
Exept life has the mouse and enter button. You CAN escape the circle. (OK, so in the level, you can too - but you're not meant to.)

I like it

It's like seeing all the different things you could do, and how the map might hold so much promise, and how so many amazing things could be done in it, yet you're trapped the second you start. You can only speculate and think about if the map is worth it.

Completion demo

Brilliant map + rant, nevermore.
Stop contaminating the comments page of this map. It's not a friggin' puzzle map, and it's not friggin' possible to get out of the beginning circle. Make of it what you will, but stop insulting my intelligence and creative license. Go screw yourselves.


its kinda clever in a tongue and cheek way.....

i think that mcp3000 and cartman are over reacting...
what ever

@ BAS3

Ok, if you don't get out, then waht do you do? If you are only supposed to spawn yourself outside of it, then that is a retarded way to start a map.