City of Blinding Lights

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides gauss hard playable rated rockets
Created 2006-12-27
Last Modified 2007-08-10
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Every once in a while I come out with something I really like. This is one of those times. Difficulty is balanced, and completion shouldn't be too hard with a little practice. An AGD is possible, but not likely for most players. Please rate, comment, post demos, and enjoy!

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Good Map

Nice map, good symetry, not too challenging.

i |ike it!

as soon as i started moving around i could see how well you had used the space. you have given the player enough area to move and dodge but it is not too big. it has a very good difficulty BUT it was a little tedious with all the gates...

I liked this map

I generally like action maps, and symmetrical maps, too, and this was a nice level. It was very challenging, and it played well. Had just the right amount of enemies and it was fun.

looks very nice

plays well too. 4/5


fun gameplay.