A Trip Inside A Separate Mind

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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto featured playable rated
Created 2007-01-20
by 8 people.
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Description RCE........

This map was featured on 2015-05-24

Simple maps can be pretty great. It's nice to play a mega-complex one once in a while and get your cerebellum cerebelling, but sometimes you just gotta kickback and hop around a minefield whilst dodging a pesky rocket and listening to, I dunno, dub-jazz fusion or something. (What are the kids into these days? Samba/trap? Polka/house? The ear-piercing cries of cats in heat?)

Anyway, on this lazy Sunday, take a breather, stretch your weary limbs, and take a trip. All expenses paid.*

*Unless you die, wherein you forfeit all monetary gains and must vacate the premises immediately. — Aidiera

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Love it.

One tiny nit-pick: I don't much like the tiles above the rocket from an aesthetic standpoint.

But the rest is impeccable and it plays like a dream. Good choice Aids.

nothing better than a great underrated map!


Nice map.
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It's lots of fun to manipulate that rocket.

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Great job, i love the aesthetics, very neatly done.
And the gameplay really seals this map, nice one.