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Salad Blues

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Author Spackal
Tags action agds author:spackal hunger unrated welp
Date Added 2017-05-19
Last Updated 2017-05-19
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Description"Listenin' to these dreary tunes, I feel the weight of salad blues." Made another map for NUMAcon, 'cause I felt like it. More drone stuff; this map is probably good for speedrunning and agds, so have at it. Or nacho blues, whatever it looks like to you. Enjoy.

Back to your roots

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Author Spackal
Tags author:spackal hunger jumper numacon skill unrated welp
Date Added 2017-04-26
Last Updated 2017-04-26
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Description"Turnip for what *beetdrop*" Submission for the numacon. Is it a bad thing that I'm actually quite proud of a map based on a turnip? Enjoy. EDIT: Slight changes, moved mines beneath the first thwump and beneath exit key and moved the '2' tile in the upper right