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What Is?

Thumbnail of the map 'What Is?'
Author mezzoforte
Tags . author:mezzoforte unrated
Date Added 2019-01-04
Last Updated 2019-01-04

DescriptionWhat is this twisted game you play?

A Really Bad Map

Thumbnail of the map 'A Really Bad Map'
Author mezzoforte
Tags author:mezzoforte easy short simple unrated
Date Added 2019-01-03
Last Updated 2019-01-03
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DescriptionI'm submitting this to avoid the "all your maps are too hard/long/complex!" criticism. Because I have an upcoming project that is hard and long and complex. About this map: I know it's not pretty, but it's functional. Also, it's a highscore contest. The top three will get their names in ...

Passage Through Dreamland

Thumbnail of the map 'Passage Through Dreamland'
Author mezzoforte
Tags adventure agd author:mezzoforte competition hard long unrated
Date Added 2018-12-18
Last Updated 2018-12-18
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DescriptionThis is a really long map. Don't lose patience with this one. Also, the first AGD gets a ded in the form of a map of their choosing. Get an AGD, name the style, and I will make it (and dedicate it to you). Status: Dedication still up for grabs!