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Featured map for 2016-11-29: Mea Culpa by krusch

Thumbnail of the map 'Mea Culpa'

the map title certainly could be the biggest misnomer of recent times. far from any error, Mea Culpa is an exercise in precision and intricacy that, despite its simplicity (no mines!) feels like a galaxy of adventure and replayability. maybe i'm a sucker for rocket-bounceblock but i'll call you a liar if you say someone has done better than this in the last 5 years. — mahi_mahi

Featured map for 2016-11-26: viva las vegas by Sunset

Thumbnail of the map 'viva las vegas'

Bright light city gonna set my soul
Gonna set my soul on fire
Got a whole lot of money that's ready to burn,
So get those stakes up higher
There's a thousand pretty women waitin' out there
And they're all livin' devil may care
And I'm just the devil with love to spare

Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las VegasAidiera

Featured map for 2016-11-04: full time door-play by trala

Thumbnail of the map 'full time door-play'

call me stuck under a rock but i've seen maybe three door eeries ever cover the whole map and have pretty tiles to boot. this genre is kinda dead nowadays but when i played this several years ago it instantly made me want it to be alive and well again. here's to the old days when trap door spam was cool, it is in this map. — mahi_mahi

Featured map for 2016-10-24: You're Too Aimless by 1211

Thumbnail of the map 'You're Too Aimless'

This map employs a crew of arrows to tell you where, or where not, to go. Without watching any demos try to figure this one out. It isn't that hard, but it isn't trivial. The concept is unusually clever in this one, and it deserves to be seen at least once more.

Keep mapping, mate! — DaggaFork

Featured map for 2016-10-17: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? by Seneschal

Thumbnail of the map 'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?'

I threw the title into Google Translate and got "Who watches the watchers?" which is caveman lingo for "the floor guards are gonna come getcha." That's pretty much all you need to know about this map before you start playing it, so the rest is just praise. This map is bloody fantastic, I love the balanced difficulty. There's no tricks, just mistakes to be made.

Seneschal, you've made plenty of great maps, and this is one of them. What a magnificent map. — DaggaFork

Featured map for 2016-10-13: Ankhesenamun by PALEMOON

Thumbnail of the map 'Ankhesenamun'

This is one of the most interesting maps I've ever played. From the beautiful tiles to the smooth, fun gameplay, every feature only works to improve the enjoyment of playing. Each challenge is exciting, like climbing out of the pit on the left and tunneling your way in the right side to the key. And as fingersonthefrets said, "The feeling of going in a secret way to get to the exit key is sick."

All around this is a fantastic map, stunningly well-done job, PALEMOON. — DaggaFork

Featured map for 2016-10-04: Astronaut by Ferox

Thumbnail of the map 'Astronaut'

Some maps are not worth waiting for to load. This map, however, has a nice flow, as well as a stunning aesthetic making it well worth your time. We've all probably spent countless minutes waiting for maps to load that aren't very good. This time it will be, believe me. And if you aren't willing to, try to enjoy the art.

Without further ado, everyone, Astronaut — DaggaFork

Featured map for 2016-09-20: Poison Tree by Losttortuga

Thumbnail of the map 'Poison Tree'

I throw my poison seeds upon
the ground on which I tread upon.
As summer leaves turn brown and fall
upon contaminated ground.

A poison tree, now growing tall,
above the kingdom walls, so tall.
They bear their fruit, throw seeds into
the wind, to land on fertile ground.

The consequences have been grave,
and now I dig my very grave.
Ten-thousand men have died from blight,
I threw their bodies underground. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2016-09-17: Chasing Three Tails by Mohit_Ghune

Thumbnail of the map 'Chasing Three Tails'

The golden age of NUMA might have come and gone, but its brightest stars still shine ever brightly among the sea of long-lost artefacts. DDAs, once a regular staple of the site, became famous due to their satisfying engineering, and “Chasing Three Tails” by Mohit_Ghune is perhaps one of the most impressive DDAs you are ever likely to see—both for its technical merit and gobsmacking action. Incredibly, Mohit_Ghune has managed to cram in a hold-left, hold-right, and a don’t-do-anything path, all of which result in the rocket relentlessly seeking the ninja with rambunctious tenacity. Check. It. Out. NOW!ska

Featured map for 2016-09-14: Collect ten keys CHALLENGE! by PavlitoPL

Thumbnail of the map 'Collect ten keys CHALLENGE!'

i'll level with you: this map is ugly as sin and there's more than a few gameplay kinks throughout, so what's the deal? honestly, i don't think i'm gonna win anyone over to this genre of raw, unpolished adventure map anytime soon but ima go ahead and say that this for me represents a pure N map: it's hard, long, and a hell of a journey to get through. the hugeness of it is daunting, and there's a jump-scare at every corner. it's not perfection, but for me it's a bit special, and i want more of em. gimme.

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