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Featured map for 2017-07-11: A Beautiful Afternoon by astheoceansblue

Thumbnail of the map 'A Beautiful Afternoon'

ok, so i'm featuring an ATOB map. bite me. back in the bad ol' days of my awkward youth i remember being jealous of this homie because of the subtly intricate beauty he was able to pump out all the time. this map specifically got me hung on UFOs and sci-fi in maps for like two months and inspired me to make a mappack with a lot of alien themes. not sure that people make packs anymore but at the very least you'll crack a smile at the demise of this poor little tile city. — mahi_mahi

Featured map for 2017-06-10: SLANTSLIDE by Tempus_Fugit

Thumbnail of the map 'SLANTSLIDE'

Tempus_Fugit is a bona architect. Besides the unsurpassed level of visual congruence, Tempus_Fugit offers a challenging level that requires deft precision and agility at every turn. The level feels very episodic in nature, with optional detours for the greedy few who have an unquenchable thirst for gold and scoreboard glory. — ska

Featured map for 2017-05-04: 127-3: Halfback Quarterback by cucumber_boy

Thumbnail of the map '127-3: Halfback Quarterback'

It's got 274 E tiles, 42 pieces of gold, 35 mines, 8 3S tiles, 7 3A tiles, 6 3W tiles, 6 exits, 2 5A tiles, 2 7S tiles, 2 7W tiles, 1 2A tile, 1 2S tile, 1 3Q tile, 1 4W tile, 1 6S tile, 1 6W tile, 1 key and 1 ninja. Though I've listed them in descending quantities, they all have equal qualities. For a map to be perfect, each individual component needs to be perfect on its own. — DaggaFork

Featured map for 2017-04-05: Luxury Art by DaggaFork

Thumbnail of the map 'Luxury Art'

Technical, beautiful, frustrating, fulfilling. This map is a work of art. It’s impossibly dazzling; it’s confusing like a distraction pattern. When I first saw it I half expected the ninja to float out into the center, then rise up through the grey and red brushstrokes toward the switch. The expectations are high, all right — don’t expect something easy to digest. After all, this is modern art. I hope you can afford it. — script

Featured map for 2017-03-19: Audio, Video, Disco by spudzalot

Thumbnail of the map 'Audio, Video, Disco'

If ever a puzzle starts troubling you
And you haven't the foggiest of what t'do
Just think 'til you're pink and then quick as a wink
The answers will fumble and fall into view

Disorder is near and I fear you will lose
This order is clear any route that you choose
Quick steps are a misstep, go steady and slow
A slip or a trip and you're stuck down below

I'd offer you luck but that won't be enough
Bring foresight, precision, and ninja-like stuff
But utmost of all, when the going gets rough
Instead of get-going, give up. — Aidiera

Featured map for 2017-02-16: abhorrent transparency by blacklef

Thumbnail of the map 'abhorrent transparency'

Earlier this week I was playing a new game on my phone. The player flies around the screen in a Mayan tomb filled with traps. Enthralled with the game, after I while I found myself contemplating programming a similar game of my own. I didn't have any new ideas, but I wished that I was the creator. I find that the best way for me to know if something is great is when I begin to wish that I had made it.

abhorrent transparencyDaggaFork

Featured map for 2017-02-05: Llamabane by krusch

Thumbnail of the map 'Llamabane'

I have no recollection of this map. It's possible I saved it in my favorites as though placing a bookmark into a tome with no words. What is there for me to know? The author of this wordless classic is a master. Perhaps the lack of words in this hypothetical book is meaningful: we are to write our own pages, draw our own conclusions, forge our own path. Llamabane is to be played however one prefers. At least, that's what I gather. Like I said, I can't recall playing this map, so I'm simply judging this book by its cover. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2017-01-22: Going straight down T' pan by in_dub

Thumbnail of the map 'Going straight down T' pan'

When I first started making race maps I discovered in_dub through the top rated section of the old NUMA website. And what I found blew me away. He was making incredibly fluid flow in such original and creative ways - I would play his maps and think, "I'll never be that good."

He inspired me by providing an unreachable goal. Every time I crested a hill in my own mapping I could see him atop the peak, always above me.

And he did all that 10 years ago, with very little to take inspiration from and hardly any practice. Baffling. — _destiny^-

Featured map for 2017-01-02: Before Three Judges by deep_blue

Thumbnail of the map 'Before Three Judges'

In times past, it was common to submit one's self to a trial. The three pillars do not represent three judges as people, but rather three core ideas: integrity, humility, and individuality. Together they encompassed the values of the community surrounding them. To only take on one judge did not prove one's worth to the community, as each idea had more meaning and purpose in conjunction with the others. Thus the trial was meant to test all aspects at once, such that a ninja could show their commitment to upholding the judges' ideals. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2016-12-22: Building Below by Losttortuga

Thumbnail of the map 'Building Below'

"... the structures have maintained their exquisite appearance, even as the rest of the cave is slowly growing around it. There is a faint cyan glow throughout the cave, which..."
"... possibly due to the crystalline structure of the minerals. The crystals have increased greatly in size since my arrival, but I keep hearing whispers."
"My research may never reach the surface. I am slowly running short of fuel for my lamps and ink for my pens. I fear I will soon become part of the memories trapped here...."
- Journal found at the base of the tomb of Lak-Ohmet — origami_alligator

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