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A person in college who is on the computer too much. Likes guitar hero, enjoys large bowls of blueberries, loves game design, and laughs at dank memes.

I also map some.


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Thumbnail of the map '00-2 styral' Thumbnail of the map '00-1 diamond architecture' Thumbnail of the map '00-3 wandamian crucifixplate' Thumbnail of the map '01-0 indecision and staring' Thumbnail of the map '00-0 these guass turrets will protect my weird-ass home.' Thumbnail of the map '00-4 abstractowasteland'
00-2 styral 00-1 diamond architecture 00-3 wandamian crucifixplate 01-0 indecision and staring 00-0 these guass turrets will protect my weird-ass home. 00-4 abstractowasteland