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I was R3D_N1NJ4 [] but migrated here. Go there if you want to see my old maps.

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"NUMA is like a lava-lamp, it's fun to look at, but if you ate it, you would die."


Name: CoolGuy McGee
D.O.B: November 14th 1996
First Played N: 2008
First Started Mapping: 2009
First Joined NUMA: August 5th 2012
Changed Accounts: 2014
Favorite Animal: Flying Squirrel

...and Snakes cause I'm cool and mysterious like that.

Interest: Drawing, Playing Games, and Eating
Least Favorite Account Name: R3D_N1NJ4
Blood Type: Probably O positive

I'm always up for a collab. If you want me to check out one of your maps then just tell me.

I also have Steam []. Go there if you wanna add me and be steam buddies.


I go by Vanish on IRC and Vanquish on the forums. I also have a profile on the N wikia, RedNinjudoGuy.

Here are a list of nicknames you may call me:
-Reddy (yeah thats what zoas calls me)
-Red ninja/redninja/RedNinja/Red Ninja
-Mr Red
-or anything else you can think of

-My house is made of couch cushions.
-I can un-scramble an egg.
-I can divide by 0.
-I once wrestled a giraffe to the ground with my bare hands.
-And every time I press the "~" key on my keyboard, a small island somewhere in the pacific explodes.

I usually try to make my maps as open and as atmospheric as possible. Most of my tilesets are derived from every day objects or landscapes that I see and they tend to be simple, yet detailed. A lot of work goes into my tiles so I can get them just how I like. My maps often aren't extremely hard or frustrating (though I have made a few in the past). I mainly focus on open and relaxing gameplay with a pinch of challenge and a dash of minimalism. It's a little hard to describe my style because it changes every now and then, but I do incorporate the aspects above in the majority of my maps.

-Get my own N wiki page
-Reach 300 maps
-Finish Freedom

-Won a 2012 Dronie award in the best concept catagory with this [] map
-Currently have 5 features []

In my opinion, the top 3 best maps of mine:
-17-0 Course of Action []
-28-3 Spooky Cave of Bad-Times []
-31-4 Railway Disconnected to Nowhere []

Some cool doodz you should check out. (In no specific order)

-zoasBE [] - A really cool guy and good friend who helped me out a lot when I first joined NUMA. Always has constructive critisism to offer. Also has some pretty sweet maps that are always filled with new concepts and challenges. For his 3x3 maps go to VODKALOVER []. For his other maps go to the23 [].
Founder of the collab group insatiable []

-1211/trance [] - A great guy who I have done tons of collabs with. Makes very atmospheric and occasionally very hard maps, but they are always a treat to play.

-lsudny [] - A good friend and wonderful mapper. Creates some beautiful tiles and atmospheres in his maps and is fun to talk to. Call him suds *puts on sunglasses*.
Also one of my best goat importers.
Founder of the collab group subdark []

-deep_blue [] - Very cool guy. Has made some outstanding maps that are always a blast to play. Combined with his mastery of epic tilesets, deep_blue is an awesome mapper and a good friend too.

-lifdoff [] - An exceptionally good author who is famous for his very difficult jumper maps. Also, we're drinking buddies!

-Drakostax [] - Use to be BluePretzel []. NUMA's only talking dragon. Great guy with a really neat mapping style. Has been a really cool dude and helped me out a lot over the time that I have been here.

-Tempus_Fugit [] - Really cool guy and a great collab partner. Always leaves nice comments and helpful tips/improvements on my maps. Lovely maps too. :D

-Ors_II [] - Cool guy who has a lot of skill in NReality mods, making strange and often clever concepts. Has commented on A LOT of my maps and always has positive feedback to offer.

-Meanapple [] - Use to be Jeremoon [], but he was abducted by aliens and had his soul infused into a robotic dinosaur named Meanapple. He makes sweet maps, play them!

-RedSpartan [] - Was 123leonidas321 [] until he was killed by Xerces. Really cool guy that makes sweet maps and is always creating new contests and map packs. Where are you!?

-kyozo_43 [] - A somewhat inactive friend from way back when I first joined NUMA. Always left lovely comments on my maps and was always a cool dude.

-RandomDigits [] - Has an awesome style, making seemingly simple maps with few objects that are a lot more complex and difficult than they seem.

-Mohit_Ghune [] - Mohit? I don't see Mohit anywhere. All I see is a blur. Impressive speedrunner who has played a lot of my maps and gives out a lot of 5's

-macrohenry [] - Another super fast, super skilled speedrunner. Has played a bunch of my maps and always manages to get an extremely impressive run, a lot of times maxing it.

Please keep in mind that I have lost most of my profile and have to rebuild it. I don't have the full list of collabs because some half of them are uploaded by other users. So if you have collabed with me (R3D_N1NJ4) could you please send me a link to our collab/s. :D
-19-1 The Four Puppies [] - with zoasBE
-21-1 Scepticism [] - with Meanapple
-24-2 Providence [] - with trance
-27-2 Moon Base [] - with Tempus Fugit
-28-1 Soar [] - with trance and 123leonidas321
-30-2 He Lives! [] - with lsudny
-Swear or Square [] - with IodineEnvy
-34-1 Discovery [] - with trance
-35-1 Suspended Moments in Time [] - with Tempus
-Escape From Alcatraz [] - with 123leonidas321 and mrgy05
-46-4: Powerhills [] - with deep_blue
-Torn Apart [] - with trance
-Love Vigilantes [] - with trance
-39-0 The Dancing Ninja [] - with Tempus_Fugit
-Drinking Games [] - with lifdoff
-The Observatory [] - with trance
-Mega Techno Rocket Powered Sex Snakes [] - with Armaghan_Ali
-Interstellar [] - with macrohenry

~ zoasBE on collabs with me

Please tell me if I have missed any DEDs.
-12-4 A DED for Zoas [] - for zoasBE (duh)
-16-1 Careful, You May Get Ncapitated [] - for BluePretzel (featured!!)
-17-4 Suds-Nation [] - for lsudny
-20-2 Hacromenry [] - for macrohenry
-21-3 A Tree for Mean Apples [] - for Meanapple
-23-2 Golden Apple, Replenish Time [] - for Meanapple
-24-3 Simplicity is Key [] - for macrohenry
-28-0 Inside the Genie's Bottle [] - for Tacit
-34-0 Random Access Memories [] - for deep_blue

If you have any maps you have dedicated to me that aren't on this list, please send a link because I cant find them.
-Congratulations for R3D_N1NJ4 (100 maps) [] - by Ors_II
-That Ninja That is Red [] - by StreetsAhead
-100th Map! 2.5-Way KRADDA! Dedications! [] - by 123leonidas321
-It's a Hailstorm! [] - by Mohit_Ghune
-53-3: Scissor Sisterhood [] - by deep_blue

-My First map submitted to NUMA - Dicey N []
-My 100th map - Deep Sea Fishing []
-My 200th map - 34-1 Discovery []
-One year anniversary - 27-4 August March []
-Three year anniversary - 40-3 Uncle Karl's Underground Thumb Wrestling Championship []

-09-4 of Freedom - Aztec []
-19-4 of Freedom - Shrooms Growing in the Forest of Madness []
-29-4 of Freedom - ... []
-39-4 of Freedom - Fleeting Fox []


Freedom: A live episodic map pack I am currently still working on. I'm planning to at least reach 99-4, but who knows, I might go further.

Freedom - The 1st Session - HERE [] Freedom - The 2nd Session - HERE []

The First Column - (0-00 > 09-4) - HERE []
The Second Column - (10-0 > 19-4) - HERE []
The Third Column - (20-0 > 29-4) - HERE []
The Farewell Column Pt 1 - (30-0 > 34-4) - HERE [] Pt 2 - (35-0 > 39-4) - HERE []
The Cryptic Column - (40-0 > XX-X) - HERE []

Bellbound. Vol 1: The weird, the unnatural, the cute, and the minimalistic. Contains 20 juicy nuggets. Expect more in the future...
- Currently in progress

The Ninja slumped to the ground, his every breath putting more and more strain on his dry lungs. Slowly lifting his head up, the Ninja noticed something far off in the distance. An oasis! The fragile Ninja struggled to his feet and ran as fast as his weak legs could carry him. After finally approaching the oasis, the Ninja sighed, realizing that what he saw was just a mirage. "Damnit, not another KFC!"

Mirage: A relaxing journey through a series of dream-like worlds and landscapes. These maps aren't designed to be extremely hard or full of enemies, but to be relaxing, simplistic, beautiful and most importantly, enjoyable. Featuring collabs with some great authors too. Most of the information about this map pack is classified as I haven't finished it yet.

There are also a couple of other secret map packs I'm working on in the mean time.



Special thanks to The_Mingler for the awesome userbar!

Thanks to my good friend leo for this sweet userbar!

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45-0 . . , . 45-1 Skygate III - Teleporter Trouble 45-2 Disc World 45-3 Potate 45-4 Good Night Thoughts 46-0 Jump Man