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I've been playing Nv2 since September of 2013 with the username BtoasterBoy. Recently, someone told me that I should upload some of my maps here, so I'm doing that now. I hope you guys like them.

I have a few different series that I work on. Each time I make a level, I decide which of these categories they fall into.

Central: short and difficult
Timing: the crux of the level is entirely about a moment of timing
Visual Art: Not necessarily the most challenging gameplay, but look interesting
Level: Anything that doesn't fall into those categories

Recent Maps

Thumbnail of the map 'Amateurish Thing' Thumbnail of the map 'Target Locked' Thumbnail of the map 'Police Tape' Thumbnail of the map 'Ya-who?-zee' Thumbnail of the map 'Logic Gates' Thumbnail of the map 'I'm sorry, but we were looking for a thinner ninja'
Amateurish Thing Target Locked Police Tape Ya-who?-zee Logic Gates I'm sorry, but we were looking for a thinner ninja