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Seems like you've visited my page. Here's some things about me you might want to know.

-Been playing N for over 10 years. Been mapping since '08
-Music Addict (Have over 100 GB of songs, it's a serious addiction xD)
-Really love basketball
-Love long late night drives
-Born and raised in Cali; currently in India for my Masters
-I like to think I'm somewhat known in the community, maybe even a little bit

Other random things

-I would love to get more features. But I doubt it with the style of maps I create. Nonetheless, I would absolutely love it haha.
-I absolutely love this community. It's probably the biggest reason that I got thru my depression during middle school and high school. Huge thanks to the likes of people I've met over the years.
-Shoutout to Meta_Ing. Consistently made me feel better about myself.

Besides that I still lurk and play. Map occasionally since I'm busy now. If anyone wants to hit me up or just talk (if ever), find me in the N facebook group.

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Before Three Judges Going straight down T' pan Stepped on Two Berry Blue, Got Blueberry Shoe The Woogums' Keep First Day Of School...Meh comeback?