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Hi. As you can see, I'm maxson924, but you'll probably see a lot of community members refer to me around here as Rose.

If you're on Discord and/or Telegram, feel free to add me: maxson924#1088 on Discord, maxson924 on Telegram.

I try to make my maps as diverse as possible and detest the word "style" as it pertains to mapping. If you notice any persistent trends in my maps, please let me know, and I'll do my best to change it up.

All of my maps are made for v1.4 only. No exceptions. I mean sure, if you want to play them in 2.0, go ahead, but bear in mind that I'll never even consider 2.0's mechanics and such when making my maps.

My biggest influences are the mappers in the Legacy team, especially from a gameplay perspective.

If you like episodes, mappacks, and/or my maps in general, you should play my Chord maps. [] They're pretty old by now, and some are trash, but I still like some others.

If you play and comment on my maps, I'll always try to return the favor. I don't want to make any promises in that regard, but I'm pretty good at doing that. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

My favorite thing:

Colgate [] is best pony.

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Lost Land - Part 1 March of Time ¡Hasta Pronto, Ninja Muerta! Solarfall Lost Land - Part 2 The Empty Hollow Unfolds